The game of geese


Apr 11, 2022·

2 min read

The game of geese

Honk to all!

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own computer game? Oh, honk, of course, you did! Or not. Whatever.

What's Important, is that I dreamed!

What the h*nk, I chose web development instead of GameDev. Oh, money, of course! Make sense. Ok then, it looks like dreams will stay dreams.

Wait... I can make a web game, right? Honk! Multiplayer, awesome canvas UI, millions of players worldwide! I'm will be rich and famous, honk-honk-honk! *evil honking*

Oops, you are still here?

Honk. Let's be practical. What do I need to make a game?

An idea! First of all, I need to decide what this will be. Cosmic adventure in virtual reality? A little bit too much for the first game, I suppose. Let's take something simpler. Tic-tac-toe? Too simple.

*Strange noise outside the window*

What the... Hey, hey! Neighbor goose is stealing my food! Get out of here, you h*nking punk!

Argh, he ate my favorite part of the lawn! I'm going to eat around all his best grass! He want a lawn battle? He will get one!

Stop. Lawn battle, like sea battle game! That's it, that's the idea I need! Awesome, now I know what game to work on!

What next? Next, I'm going to destroy someone's grass, honky-honk. And after that, I will start to design the architecture of the Lawn battle game!